Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Play Misty for me

I had been intending to write about a geological topic but I have recently come across some cutting-edge creation research from those folks at the Answers Research Journal

One of the big problems for biblical literalists is how Noah's Ark was able to house the multitude of species that we either know to exist or to have existed, as Genesis states that Noah was ordered to take two of every kind aboard.  A standard creationist tactic is to frame the argument as a question of semantics and in the case of Noah's Ark they  latched onto the meaning of "kind." This gave rise to the invention of "baramins" an arbitrary classification of life forms separated from Linnaean taxonomy largely by gut feeling and which completely ignores evidence from genetics and DNA. 

However, one area where science and creationism can probably agree is that cuddly stuffed toys have their own particular baramin/clade. A recent post at ARJ by creationist veterinarian Jean K. Lightner, oops sorry, Dr. Jean K. Lightner - creationists love appeals to authority - attempts to divide mammals into as few groups as possible so that the minimum number of "kinds" can be ascribed to the Ark menagerie. This "scholarly" essay - AIG describe her as an 'Independent Scholar' - is embellished with sample images including one of a plush gliding possum puppet named Misty.

Misty, a member of the fluffy toy baramin
Now, if there is one person whom you might expect to distinguish between a real animal and a kid's toy then surely it would be a veterinarian. No wonder Jean only practised for 3 years before retiring to bring up her four children. For someone who wanted to be a vet from when they were 13 years old this is epic fail.

You can get your own Misty from http://www.secretgully.com.au

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